A Moonlit Room 

    A Moonlit Room is a cell of  U.CM, a Series LLC +L3C, Hybrid International Organization 

A Moonlit Room is a Cell of U.CM "Universal Changemakers", Series L3C

Because we're under the parent company umbrella, A.M.R has it's own unique companies to aid in completing the complete package of services and optimizing the economic impact we can make, by hiring and strategicly planning and helping create and support business and the individuals. As a Company we aim to compliment our affiliate companies and or partner with them to build a bridge of fortified support for the talent and the communities we'd work with globally. 

Inside A.M.R we have the following covered in production needs (film, Tv, Music Videos, Commercial, digital media and marketing, specialty 3D, graphic animation, digital animation and design work), we have programs that assist the business side of the creative arts industry, providing both the individuals and their business support, (TGAA program= The Global Artist Alliance). We offer Talent  & Business Management (Soon to be Liscenesed Agency and capable of Hiring and Booking), Brand and Product management and packaging, Audio/Video recording, Publishing, P.R, Label (Lunas' Garden) and Touring services for Travel and Booking Globally (Global Travel Interational).


As a company we provide a wide array of full multi- media , digital and audio production,  as well as event coordinating, and business development.

Our company has many experienced and dedicated professionals, who provide their professional services on many levels,  for the greater Sacramento Areas. It's the mission to serve and be a functional and complimenting attribute to the betterment of each organization we work with., as our mutual goal is to get these organizations to meet and exceed their goals.. 

These day's, it's the same old story, we all need more productive, and ultimately "revenue" support, so fundraising and business development is part of what our company does. The goal is to sweep the city of the depression-recession or what ever funky state it's in, and offering a huge web of support .

We do so strategically, each event has a theme and a focus, we choose organizations both of nonprofit and local for profit's to bring together, as well as any special need group or individual that may be something we can make a positive difference by providing support to, the mode of support varies per the needs of the organization, group or person., However, our support is the same we try to offer proactive approaches to the needs of the community, through each event we are able to do so, by raising funds through various fund-drives, larger events and sponsorships, private donations, paid product placement in various digital media, commercials, film and more..

We are able to provide consultations to determine the kind of support needed per each organization, it starts here., and we ask that you think outside the box when working with us, consider what efforts go into providing this kind of compassionate civic leadership and the amount of time, resources and volunteers it takes to see it through. 

Each effort is to raise funds for various causes, in a larger effort to bridge the gap in the community and make some socio-economic strategic moves, that will bring better quality of living for our various communities, as well as draw on our civic responsibilities to our communities and to be resourceful and pragmatic in helping others nonprofits, and for profit organizations reach their mission and lastly, in maintaining a humble, professional relationships in our community and by creating plausible “Blueprint’s” we create a path-way of productive steps, that allow us  to reach each of our goals and sustain our mission.


Today.. We Need The Following Support.

As The Economy and our lives struggle to stay functional, and productive

Some of us have begun to "think outside of the box?, More appropriately to just erase the box.


It is hard to plan and or predict the turn in our state of affairs, we must have a higher concern

for our futures, and remove our vulnerability. Our objective is to avoid any further loss both

financially and emotionally. Changing our view point and perspectives and regaining focus.


We're all striving to provide for ourselves in a smart and frugal manner .  

Why not continue to do so while extending our helping hands to our peers in the community.

One Goal is to provide employment and opportunities for those who are in need and would

desire a better lifestyle for themselves..  As well as to provide better education, and aid in better

health & wellness in the process.

We shall  curb today's recession , by preventing the economic crisis from spreading. We Must stop this crime  against all of Americas people and bring an end to the disappearing wealth, and happiness of us all. By making the changes necessary to re-build our society. Together we create a win-win scenario for all, as well as rebuild our own prosperity and patriotism, to once more enjoy the fruits of our Nation, with better liberties for all.


We are looking for your participation and welcome any thoughts and or suggestions on how to help, or what you may have to trade or donate.

We look forward to having you as a part of our support system in bridging the gap in our community and hope to be an equally helpful asset to you as well.


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